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Attend a complimentary gluten-free presentation June 9 & 10 - LEARN MORE

✦ Workshops & Food Demonstrations - Start your gluten-free journey with Country Kitchen Center today "…love your gluten-free life!"

✦ Hands-on Culinary Classes - Cook & bake gluten-free food that delivers in flavor & texture.

✦  Easy Enrollment:

Flexible scheduling: Select a gluten-free class from the line-up of diverse classes.

Choose a date: Request a calendar date based on your availability, or choose a class that is already open for enrollment.

Location: Classes held at the Country Kitchen Center facility and other off-site locations. Benefits and discounts available for hosting a class in your gluten-free home.


✦ Private Consultations: Build and maintain your healthy gluten-free lifestyle. Appointments via phone, in-person, or video chat.

✦ Catering & Event Services: Contact us for all your special gluten-free occasions.

: Andrea Skolnick, culinary instructor and consultant.
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